Friday, April 17, 2015

The Fall

I remember that it hurt. As my body slammed against the ground I felt my flesh tear open. Brown dirt flew up around me, into my eyes and nose. My head jolted back and forth and I felt the pin ball game of my brain versus skull begin. My hands began to burn immediately and my chest froze in panic from the impact. It all happened very suddenly. At first I was still, then I was falling and then I was still again. My mind’s only priority was oxygen and my throat made a terrifying noise as I tried to suck in air. My ears rang and my brain screamed. My eyes bulged out of their sockets as I lay on my stomach, attempting to get a hold of myself. After a minute of laying there in agony the world became quiet again. I began to notice that the leaves were changing color and falling already. The sun was breaking through the tree tops and reflecting neon green and yellow across the forest. I could hear the birds atop, singing their songs and oblivious to my body beneath them. Then I heard the crunches. A twig crack; a rustle of leaves as a branch was pushed forward. I looked up just in time to see him break through the forest and into the small clearing I lay in. His jade green eyes found mine immediately and he froze, his left scarred hand still raised and holding back branches from his tanned and dirt ridden face. I had almost fully recovered from the fall, but all of the pain of it came back suddenly as I gazed at him. My heart beat fast and it seemed that oxygen was hard to come across once again. I didn’t look away though, no. I stared and he stared back. Oh, yes. I remember that it hurt. 

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