Monday, April 20, 2015

People may think they know your type,
By the way you dress, or talk or walk,
By the way you hold that cigarette,
Or the music that you listen to,
They classify you by your looks,
But I have had the pleasure of getting to know you.
I have seen you sleep, one hand always searching for me to assure our togetherness,
I have seen you listen to music and heard your excitement in your voice as you told me about all the things you love,
I have watched you wake up and make your coffee and I know exactly how you get dressed,
I have seen you be friendly to strangers and I have seen you love,
Do the people who think they know you know that you love to read?
Do they know that you have dreams?
Do they know how hard you study for that one test?
Do they know where you come from or what life you have lived?
I have witnessed you, I have been the chest you lay your head on and the body you hold on tightly to after a long day,
They are wrong to assume,
You are a perfectly imperfect angel.

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